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Hey there gamers. I am Balphazar. When it comes to gaming it seems my whole life has been one big modern age sim city or for the more hardcore gamers its beenthe world of Skyrim. You go do quests (in this case survive schooling), you travel the world (in this case yea travel the world as in planet earth). Along the way you pick up many skills and add to your character stats always hopeful in getting those bonus points in here and there. Ive had and enjoyed all the consoles from the inception of the atari to today’s xbox 360. Thus far I think the most fun Ive had was on my Genesis. Playing those long hours of Mortal combat and Street fight and titles like streets of rage bring back good memories. I started this community up for the average gamer who looks to gaming not a ways to make other people’s lives an infernal hell but an activity that he enjoys with his fellow gaming buddies. You know those days that you spent planning and setting up LAN parties. yea think of this community ad a group of LAN party gamers but across the globe.

As a gamer I have had my fair share of belonging to many a communities. My Halo 2 – Halo Reach days were spent in KSI after which I was placed on the board as the head of Education and Training for the entire community. I have also been a part of many forum groups like PQ360 and 360junkies to name a few. My hope and dream for this community is to develop it into something your average – hardcore gamer can not only be a part of but one day claim us as one of his gaming buddies. It really hard to find that right gamer that you can click with and just demolish teams after teams with. or that one fellow who is just a great person to have as a support player. I am hoping this community will end that search.

Also as a true gamer I like to get freebies. Who doesnt? as such the more members get involved with the community whether it be through our gamenights or our online stories and discussions many members will be eligible to win thank you gifts and prizes like microsoft points to really awesome gear like Gaming headsets and Gunnar glasses to name a few.

To stay in the know on whats happening 24/7 here at the Dynasty be sure to follow the Official Community Twitter @GAMERzDYNASTY or my personal account @Balphy

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