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Joined: 8th Apr 2016
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8th Apr 2016

Hello everyone  My name is Cass im a gamer like well... everyone here. 

I feel like its to quiet ^-^ so here I am breaking the mold

Im going to play a version of 20 Questions. Here is how you play. 

Example: ME: What got you into gaming?
(Next person has to anwser the question, it may be as long or short as you want to reply. When you are done you have to ask the next question.)
NEXT PERSON: (anwsers) + What was your very first gamer tag name?

Like so, it continues and who ever is the next person to post has to anwser the most recent question. 

(if you really want to reply to the other you may do so but please make sure that the newest question is anwsered FIRST and that your QUESTION is right after it.)

Then everyone can keep it going ^^ lets make some FWRENDS you bootyful NubCakes!!!

What was the very first gamer tag you ever had?
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14th Apr 2016


What was your first game console?
Joined: 8th Apr 2016
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20th Apr 2016

Does a gameboy count? if not then the Sega Genesis

What was your first game you completed start to finish?
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