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Tomb Raider Impression by MrsXenocide
Balphazar 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Mar 2013
In loss of the suspenders, short shorts, a mid-drift tank top, and a guarder belt that holds guns Lara Croft has been taken back into the past. Now at 21 years old, straight out of college on her first ever big archaeology expedition, Lara, an old family friend Joslyn Reyes, her best friend Sam and her crew mates are scouting the coasts of Japan when their voyage comes to an abrupt end. Their ship, the Endurance, crashes on the eerie island of Yamatai, in the Dragon's Triangle, and is stranded there.

When the Endurance crashes she jumps a very large gap to where the rest of the crew mates are at. She almost makes the jump and grabs the captains hand but could not hold on. She falls down a waterfall and passes out. She wakes up disoriented not knowing where she is, hanging upside down from a rope. This is where the gameplay actually begins.

The first thing that you must do is swing Lara side to side to bump, what I am guessing is a dead body covered in a thick white cloth, into the fire. The fire spreads over to the post next to Lara's rope. Then you must swing the other way to catch Lara's rope on fire. After you escape from the cave, you walk for a few minutes looking for your crew mates, which you don't find, but however you do find a base camp. Base camps are found and unlocked throughout the entire game, but in each named area you are only allowed to have three base camps. They are also extremely great places to have. Here you can upgrade your weapons or put your skill points you get to upgrade different tiers of skills. You can earn skill points by killing enemies or animals, salvaging boxes randomly placed around the island, tombs, and the underground tunnel system. There are 3 categories of the skills that you can unlock, Hunter, Survivor, and Brawler. Each of which have different subcategories. With the skills you can learn new things as well as update what you already know.

The first thing that you notice, even in the story, is the graphics. The graphics are detailed, even in the fight sequences, whether you are brawling with an animal or if you are sitting back shooting your arrows at people. They have slobber on the wolves when they attack you. The fire is not just one color rather it is actually life like and moving with all the different colors swirled into each other. Not one stone has gone undiscovered nor has one page been unturned.

Your first weapon is a bow and arrows, which will be your main weapon for the duration of the game. You do however get a rope added on to your arrows and you are able to shoot flaming arrows later on down the road. The bow and arrows are not the only weapon that you recieve. You get a hand gun as your secondary weapon and as you progress further on you are able to pick up other random weapons like a shotgun, an assault rifle, and a Molotov.

Now onto the multiplayer, I am not going to lie but it is a bit confusing at first trying to figure out what game is what. There are three different types of online game types "Team Death Match", "Cry For Help", and "Rescue". "Team Death Match" if just your every day 4 vs 4 match. "Cry For Help" is two teams of 4 to 6 people. In other words Lara's Crew against the Scavengers. The main goal is for the Survivors to turn on all of the radio's to signal help and for the Scavengers to collect batteries that the Survivors drop when you kill them. "Rescue" is the Survivors trying to collect med packs and the Scavengers going for a high kill count, but all of the Survivors will have bleed out time in which you can revive them. With the multiplayer you can gain XP which you can use to unlock other characters on either the Survivors side or the Scavengers side. Another great thing in the multiplayer is the customizable load outs, which means you can chose which weapons you want, whether it be an assault rifle and your bow or your bow and shotgun. However the one thing that each person will have is your makeshift grenade launcher.

All in all Tomb Raider was a great game, I got it on the day it came out and every night since then I have sat on my XBOX 360 and played it for hours and hours. The campaign takes a good 12 to 15 hours to play, yes it may be a bit long but trust me it is worth every minute of it. The gameplay is amazing, a bit like Uncharted and Gears of War but it has its own spin to it. I definitely give this game a thumbs up and a 10/10. I've spent hours among hours playing and I will be playing it again for a second play through.

9th Mar 2013 liljrSanchez
Lara Croft 2.0! I'll be picking this game up soon, thanks for the great read.
9th Mar 2013 AustinG908
Been playing this since Tuesday, I love it! Great review.
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