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Review of Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Balphazar 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Mar 2013

Welcome back to Konoha, home to none other than our Hero and future Hokage Uzumaki Naruto. So far you have seen Naruto go through many trainings to properly hone his techniques. From hand-to-hand combat to different ninja arts you have seen Naruto grow. This game is the culmination of all those efforts and it shows the now all new and all powerful Uzumaki Naruto the nine tails Jinchuriki. Before I got this game I was expecting it to be like its previous titles where you would have to tirlessly go through many meaningless fights and play backstories and fluffs. Let me just say that I was way off and so much so that This game had me stunned and speechless at how amazing it turned out.


So firstly let's talk gameplay. From a gaming perspective how does this game do? The gameplay is very fluid and smooth. Pulling off combos and dodging attacks along with using ninjitsu and ultimate techniques are made very easy. And yet the AI is hard enough to give you a challenge. The AI adapts to your combat and knows when to attack you and tries to find your weak points. As such in some fights you will have to figure out how your character plays and how your opponent plays so you can anticipate the combat. The only bad thing I noticed was there is no lock on mode or any way to keep your opponent centered to you and so you have to aim your attacks precisely where your opponent is otherwise you miss. As like any other Naruto game the fighting is very satisfying and fun to play. I mean honestly you play as Ninjas for crying out loud. is there anything more exciting than to use each characters own individual ultimate techniques as a finisher on your opponents?


Unlike the previous titles this one deals heavily in its story. The entire game spans across about 10 episodes of the Shippuuden series. 70% of the game is just the show. Naruto has never been about the fighting, even though watching them do all those awesome techniques if simply awesome, but rather it's about how someone who is deemed insignificant and useless by society brings about such a change in the world through his persistence and his attitude of never giving up that the entire nations of the world are left speechless. Naruto has always been about how one can win against all odds. It shows that it doesnt matter where you are from or who you are but just what you do and what choices you make to carve your own future that matters.

The story of this game captures these concepts so well that you forget that you are playing the game at times and get so engulfed into the story. The game captures the emotions Naruto portrays and strikes the heart so that it weeps from the sadness and the joys of the happiness from the different struggles in Naruto's life.

The game starts slightly before the 4th ninja war is declared. As the different villages and nations come together to form the first ever Ninja Alliance army, where all ranks and names and origin is stripped away only to be replaced by the representation of Ninja. The game takes you on a journey in Naruto's life where he goes from being someone with formidable powers to one who not only rivals but surpasses that of the fourth Hokage.


The graphics and presentation of the game is superb. There are no lag issues or frame rate dropping. Colors look fantastic and vibrant especially during cut scenes and while pulling off various ninja techniques. Textures are clear and formed never dulling out or disappearing. A well made game all around.

Worth buying?

This game has finally done something that its predecessors have not and that is following the mangas AND the TV show. As the readers of the mangas know, there are certain things the manga does differently than the show. If you are a fan of both you will notice this considerably more during the game when you are brought to a subtle points in the story that require you to choose one path over another. From what Ive gathered these decisions are left to you whether you want to go the route of the TV show or the route of the manga. As such each decision unlocks something different. Add that to the ability to play as Naruto's perfect form and my friends I tell you that this game is worth buying. For fans of the show and mangas you will play this game a few times over.


Based on my experience of this game and being a fan of both the show and manga I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. Believe me it delivers and then some.

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