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Donor Rewards Program - Alpha
Balphazar 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Apr 2013
Hello to all members.

I have been thinking about how to improve the membership and Gamerz Dynasty for everyone and wanted to find out if anyone would be interested in being a part of a sort of rewards program. Running any kind of community requires time, commitment and money. Thanks to all of you we have Time and commitment but now we need some funds as well. I was thinking of starting this program up where participating members would donate $5 a month. These funds would go to paying for servers and prizes for contests and such. In return, depending on how many donations we get I will give away something to one of our donors. Giveaways may include but not limited to Gaming Headsets, Custom Controllers, Point and membership cards, etc.

What are your thoughts?

18th Apr 2013 Simply Donuts
Totally support the idea and will be one of the first to sign up on this.
17th Apr 2013 CraziDetective
I think this would be a great idea. When I move to New York I am getting an internship that pays so I will be able to contribute to this. I am not sure when I will be moving. Either after this summer or after the new years. I also need time to get the internship. Needless to say I love this idea.
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