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Xbox One Reveal Wrap-Up
Balphazar 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th May 2013

It's been eight years since an xbox system has come out. which feels like a lifetime ago .... It's high time for a new console. Cut to the New XBOX ONE the third xbox live system from microsoft so here today is my review of this new piece of gaming nirvana.

The Xbox One is large, sleek, black, and looks like a piece of AV equipment. But a look under the hood reveals (from what I can find) an eight-core processor and graphics made by AMD, 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3.0, HDMI in/out, and a 500GB hard drive. Xbox One architecture has "three operating systems in one": Xbox, a kernel of Windows (perhaps like Windows RT), and a multitasking interface. The idea seems to be that this console will be a multitasker at heart. and it's not just the system that's been redone. The controller, the kinect, and even how you use the apps and xbox live has been redone.

Let's start with the Kinect 2.0. If you get an Xbox One system you will get the new and improved kinect along with it complete with improved accuracy. There’s a 1080p camera, Skype connectivity, and understanding of rotational movement in a structure-like skeleton. Microsoft even claims the new Kinect can read your heartbeat. It can also recognize your controller, not just your hands. The new Xbox controller’s gotten a makeover with an integrated battery, improved design , a better D-pad, and improved triggers That are intuitive to the touch. It looks similar but has gotten a bunch of gamer-oriented updates.

Xbox is going to be the next water cooler.” That was said during the Xbox event to discuss the Xbox One's role as a social TV platform. To that end, it sounds like Microsoft is developing TV shows and original programming for the Xbox One, making a greater leap into Netflix-like original programming. Steven Spielberg announced a new Halo TV series, and the NFL demonstrated some level of interaction with fantasy stats and Skyping with NFL broadcasts.

All of this and I mean ALL OF THIS!!! is available through the new updated xbox live which is Built on the existing service and usernames. The new Xbox Live promises 300,000 servers for Xbox One. Matchmaking services will work while doing other tasks like watching movies or Web-browsing, and bigger, faster-connecting matches are promised, too. The tablet-based SmartGlass experience will be around on Xbox One, and will work better than before with a variety of phones and tablets. Baked-in Wi-Fi Direct on the Xbox One will allow Bluetooth-like direct communication between external devices, which could come in handy for other future peripherals too. Second screens will be a major method of interacting with the Xbox One, but details were scarce at the Xbox event--how will it be better and more profound than SmartGlass as it currently exists?

Games being the most elemental part of the system, Microsoft plans eight new exclusive franchises for the Xbox One in the first year of launch, a hopeful sign for a platform that’s become too sequel-dependent. Of course, Forza 5 was shown off, but a new game called Quantum Break from the developers of Alan Wake looks like the sort of game we're more used to seeing from PlayStation: a big-studio design and cinematic feel.
Cant wait? Neither can we but unfortunately you'll have to wait for the system doesn't come out till later this there's just not enough info right now and with E3 being just a few Weeks away there should very well be an influx of info.

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