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Welcome everyone to Gamerz Dynasty. I am the Creator of Gamerz Dynasty and it is my dream to see this become a gaming community for everyone. Each gamer brings something different to the table and each individual has their own uniqueness about them. All of this combined makes for some excellent socializing with the venue being gaming. Video Games have become a great way to network and create friendships and Bonds with people across the globe. Gamerz Dynasty is here to offer you a niche to call your own. This is where you can come together as gamers to enjoy what you love which is gaming. Some people enjoy FPSs, where as some others enjoy RPGs. Whoever you are you are very welcome here.

That being said there are some ground rules I will lay out.

Rule 1: No disrespect of any kind.
This means everything and anything that is universally known to offend people will not be tolerated in this community. No racism, No harassment, No insulting, etc. This is going to be an environment where everyone can be their true selves and not have to feel uneasy in anyway. All that being said there are certain personalities out there that say or do certain things that may be construed as offensive but coming from certain people they dont mean offence by it and that is just how they are. If someone is being rude or offensive to you on purpose you will know. If you feel as though you would get offended by certain things just let people know and things should be good. At the same respect this is a mature gaming community. No need to act like toddlers.

Rule 2: No man left behind
This means that when you are in a game there will be no rage quitting allowed. You will see the game through to the end. You will never leave your brothers in arms in the middle of a game for any reason. It is understandable that situations arise in life that are beyond control. When such things happen you are to let your teammates or at the very least your Commander know asap.

Rule 3: Chain of Command
This means that when you face an issue or problem you are to respect the chain of command and go to your immediate superior with your concerns. If things do not get resolved then you may go farther all the way upto any of the Co-Creators and the Creator himself.

Rule 4: Take Pride in Gamerz Dynasty
This is in regards to those people that choose to change their Gamertags to have ‘GD’ at the beginning of it. You will be held at a higher standard especially when representing Gamerz Dynasty in public form whether it be in matchmaking or tourneys or anything that put Gamerz Dynasty in the eyes of the public.Those that do opt in to change their Gamertags to have ‘GD’ at the beginning of it will get an automatic rank bump to Sergeant. Gamertag changes are not mandatory at any point unless you choose to participate in going through the ranks. All ranks of Sergeant and higher MUST have a ‘GD’ at the beginning of their names.

Rule 5: This is your community
By choosing to join Gamerz Dynasty you are opting in to not be a part of any other community. This however does not mean that you cannot have friends in other places. It only means that once you are in Gamerz Dynasty you will represent it everywhere. This is your community. Take pride in it

All in all this community is designed so that everyone from all walks of life and skill level can come together and enjoy their time in the gaming world. Everyone has something to offer. Utilize the entire community and grow together. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me at anytime I am always reachable and any member regardless of rank, from oldest to newest members can hit me up. Thank you all once again for choosing Gamerz Dynasty as your home. May it be a place you enjoy most thoroughly.

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